Transforming Sudanese Youth into Future Global Leaders

Transforming Sudanese Youth into Future Global Leaders

Transforming Sudanese youth into future global leaders: talent management, change management and transformative leadership

Part of Sudan Smart Development Conference 2019
Monday 30th December 2019
10:00-14:00 , Khartoum, Sudan
Host: UNESCO Cousteau Eco-technie Chair, Future University, Khartoum, Sudan

Reem Faysal, Talent Programme Manager, British Gas, UK
Sheikh Babikir Ahmed Babikir, Islamic Scholar, Education Consultant, Public Speaker & Chairman Rumi’s Cave, UK
Prof. Allam Ahmed, President World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) and Founder Sudan Knowledge (SK), UK


Join us for this exciting motivation seminar about how to transform our Sudanese youth into future global leaders. Making reference to various contemporary leadership theories and concepts, the speakers will discuss a diverse range of topics including talent management, change management, leadership; management; education; development; research; entrepreneurship and start-up, etc and share the outcomes of their experience and journey through life.

The entire concept of sustainable development (SD) and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda is about the future and the future is all about the youth! Youth population is growing rapidly in all regions of the world and we are very keen to understand the youth perspectives and expectations for their future to help them be ready to grasp the various opportunities generated in the digital economy. We strongly believe our youth should be the cornerstone of any strategy by all governments and policy makers. We must listen to our youth and more importantly how we can help our youth with their future employment plans and aspirations. In this seminar, we will outline all steps the youth must undertake to ensure their views and opinion are considered by all policy makers when designing the curriculum, developing programs to ensure the youth are ready to grasp the various opportunities generated in the digital economy.

The seminar aims to help and enable the youth reap the digital benefits form the global growth in the digital economy particularly for the Digital Natives. The seminar will therefore help the youth constructs an “ideal role” for their future and outlines how performance can be evaluated in pursuit of the goals in the future. There are clearly opportunities for the youth to support and enhance the process of transforming Sudan to advanced, knowledge-based society led by sustainable innovation and social advance.

The seminar will discuss various topics relating to social enterprise which include but not limited to the general issues on social entrepreneurship; cultural and religious perspectives on entrepreneurship; sustainable entrepreneurship and finance; sustaining family business across the generations; creating value to people and the planet: motivations and the role of connectedness for creating a sustainable venture. We will discuss about young people small ideas and marketing their ideas and moreover, issues relating to unemployment globally and the ‘youth bulge’ and how youth entrepreneurship can help address them. Other topics which will be discussed in the seminar will include the importance of adequate human skills and training programs to empower the youth and critical for building capacity for the knowledge economy; creating an enabling environment for technological learning and innovation; building ICT capacity for bridging the digital divide and encouraging knowledge transfer; building capacity for appropriate technology which is economically and environmentally sound; do not require exotic sources of capital in order to develop and grow; and finally the important role of regional scientific co-operation among countries.


Talent Management 

  • Learn how to succeed in your job interview
  • Get tips on how to be more confident
  • Understand how you will be assessed and tested

Change Management 

  • Understand the need for change
  • Learn how to manage change effectively
  • Discover how you can bee an agent for change


  • Understand what today’s leadership means
  • Learn how you can develop your leadership skills
  • Unleash the leader in you

Discussion and Feedback

World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD)
Sudn Knowledge (SK)
Middle Eastern Knowledge Economy Institute (MEKEI)
UNESCO Cousteau Eco-technie Chair 
Future University, Sudan
Environment and Natural Resources and Desertification Research Institute (ENDRI), National Centre for Research (NCR), Sudan
Centre for Islamic Finance Law and Communities (CIFLAC), University of East London, UK

Venue: Future University, Sudan


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