The role of youth in the future of Sudan دور الشباب في مستقبل السودان

Saturday 2nd February 2019 (12:00-15:00)            
University Square Stratford, London, United Kingdom


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Sohier ElneilConsultant in Urogynaecology and Uro-neurology, University College London, UK
Isra MohammedActivist, Newcastle, UK
Abobakr Elwakeel, Doctoral Researcher, Civil Engineering, Imperial College London, UK
Tamador Elhassan, Psychiatrist, Northumberland Tyne and Wear Foundation NHS Trust, UK
Nimiry Hussain Mejawer, Journalist, BCFM Radio, UK
Ali Bushara
, Co-founder of Alzool Media Channel and Director Techno Zone Ltd, UK


Join us for this exciting debate, where international experts and high level Diaspora (students, researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, ordinary citizen) from the public and private sectors will give their views on the critical situation in Sudan and how the Diaspora can contribute to help Sudan achieve a sustainable and inclusive sustainable development (SD). This debate is timely from Sudan’s need to examine the current status, a necessary step for realisation of new prospects and adoption and application of future policies and programs. Sudan is facing complicated situation and various protests in different towns and cities across the country with reports of live ammunition and tear gas have been used against protestors on different occasion. The debate will examine different dimensions and perspectives of the likely future challenges and the changing global paradigms. For Sudan to succeed in the future, Sudanese youth must be equipped with all necessary skills and capabilities to mange and adapt to future challenges.

Youth Engagement

WASD is very keen to encourage the engagement of children and youth from across the world in our various activities including the debates and conferences. We are keen to make the voice of all our children and youth heard and consequently enabling the decision makers to consider those views and ideas in their big decisions. The entire concept of SD is about the future and the future is all about the children and youth! Youth population is growing rapidly in all regions of the world and we are very keen to understand the children and youth perspectives and expectations for their future to help them be ready to grasp the various opportunities generated in the digital economy. We strongly believe our children and youth should be the cornerstone of any strategy by all governments and policy makers. We must listen to our children and youth and more importantly how we can help our youth with their future employment plans and aspirations. Youth from all-over the world are encouraged to participate and present their research, perspectives and initiatives in all our activties.

Diaspora Debate

This multi-disciplinary debate is part of our Sudan Knowledge Diaspora Debate Series aims to provide the participants the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences from all over the world on major global issues; the emphasis is on the importance of evidence-based planning to overcome the challenges facing Sudan’s efforts to achieve a sustainable future. For more details watch presentations from Sudan Knowledge’s previous events.

Venue and Registration

The event is co-organised and hosted by the Centre for Ethical Finance, Law and Communities (CEFLAC), University of East London at the following address: Room G17 (Main Lecture Theatre), University Square Stratford, 1 Salway Road, E15 1NF, London, United Kingdom

Please complete the registration form above to pre-book your place at the event. Due to security and logistics issues at the venue, ALL participants must register in advance to attend the event.

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