The following papers have been submitted for consideration:

Migration as a security threat: immigrants and refugees

Meeting the sustainable millennium development goals through adaptation in Cameroon with the focus of Climate change on Agriculture

Re-negotiating the distorted culture and identity in Africa and the African Diaspora
Personalized medicine is the future sustainable knowledge for human wellbeing
Substances in Sudanese Honey that inhibit Breast Cancer Cells, Reports on in Vitro study
Effective marketing strategies for Sudan livestock resources

Corruption as an economic and social disease in Sudan: causes, diagnostics, consequences and cures

The Learning and performance of gender and implications for Students’ education and after school choices: an ethnographic research in a public secondary school in Nigeria
Vermiculture and Vermicompost technologies as alternatives to crop nutrient over the conventional fertilizers

The vicious circle of socio-economic underdevelopment: how can Sudan breakthrough

Developing in-vitro micropropagation protocol for Gum Arabic in Borno State
Comparative study between agripreneurs and traditional farmers in Cameroon