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Photo of Nagi Idris

Nagi Idris


Nagi is a senior international lawyer and Fellow of the International Bar Association, with over 19 years of legal consultancy experience. He received his LLB (Hons) from the University of Khartoum, and attended the CPE Conversion Law Course at the City University London.…

Photo of Dr. Abdelrahman Faki Omer

Dr. Abdelrahman Faki Omer

Specialty Trainee

Dr. Abdelrahman Omer obtained his MBBS from the University of Khartoum, Sudan in 2012. He later pursed his studies at the University of Oxford in public policy, and in Clinical Education at Newcastle University where he worked as a Clinical Teaching Fellow.…

Photo of Dr. Elnayer H Suliman

Dr. Elnayer H Suliman


Dr. Elnayer is Associate Research Professor, Head of Entomology Division, Gedarif Research Station, Agricultural Research Corporation. He got degrees in Agricultural Sciences (Plant Protection, B.Sc. Hon. 1996) from Sudan University of Sciences and Technology and M.…

Photo of Nuha Eltinay

Nuha Eltinay

Director of Urban Planning and Sustainable Development

Nuha Eltinay is a PhD Researcher at London South Bank University, Licentiate MRTPI and MA holder from University of Westminster, working towards the implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the Arab Region.…

Photo of Intisar Elteraifi

Intisar Elteraifi

Associate Professor

Photo of Yousra Abdelmoneim

Yousra Abdelmoneim

Junior Researcher

Studied BSc in Economics with a professional placament year at the University of Sussex. My interest in migration studies in East Africa was triggered by my final year dissertation which focused on migration in Ethiopia.…

Photo of Prof. Kamil Idris

Prof. Kamil Idris


A Sudanese national, former diplomat; and international civil servant; He graduated with LLB honours from Faculty of Law (University of Khartoum); Received his PhD in international law from Geneva University (Switzerland); He has honorary doctorate law degrees from 19 universities from around the world; Served as Director General (1997-2008), WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation), and the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV); Member, the International Law Commission of the United Nations; He published many books on issues of intellectual property, international law and development.…

Photo of Osman Hieba

Osman Hieba

Seniror Artificial Lift Engineer

With an over 17 years of experience in oil business, worked in upstream & downstream. His specialization is Electrical Submersible Pumps and Artificial Lift Projects Management.

Photo of Dr El Tayeb Mustafa

Dr El Tayeb Mustafa


Dr. Mustafa is a Founding Member of the Arab Academy of Sciences, a Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy of Overseas Science (Belgium), the Secretary of the UNESCO-EOLSS Joint Committee in Charge of the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems and Editor-in-Chief of the UNESCO Science Report.…

Dr. Adil Alsheraishabi


Expert in economic development,Eco-epidemiological  modelling,food security situation analysis,policy formulation and analysis , planning and project management , M&E .
B.V. Sc 1981 (UofK)
post degree diploma in tropical animal heath(1985) (UofK)
post degree diploma in economic development and research centre (1995) (UofK)
MSc in economic development (2001), Al-Neelain University.…

Photo of Mohamed Ibrahim

Mohamed Ibrahim

Production Engineer

I’m Mohamed elrayah omer ibrahim. Mechanical production engineer graduated from Sudan university of science and technology, I worked in the field for 6 years, 3 years in Sudan (food industry and air conditioning) and 3 years in Dubai (operation manager), now I’m doing a master of logistics and supply chain management in erasmus university in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.…

Photo of Dr. Esam Suliman

Dr. Esam Suliman

Associate Professor

A hard worker Pathologist with more than 20 years professional and academic experience in all aspects of Pathology especially Histopathology and Cytology. Worked at different universities and hospitals in Sudan, and now Associate Professor at college of medicine Shaqra University Saudi Arabia, coming for a limited period from Neelain University Khartoum Sudan.…

Photo of Dr. Rafat Ibrahim

Dr. Rafat Ibrahim

Associate Professor

Chartered Physicist (CPhys), Institute of Physics, London, UK, January 2011-present. Corporate Member of the Institute of Physics (MInstP), UK, November 2009-present. Associate Member of the Institute of Physics, London, UK, 2004-2007.…

Dr. Chanzo Greenidge

Associate Researcher

Chanzo Greenidge combines an academic background in International Relations with professional experience in translation, policy and research consulting and entrepreneurship. His professional work includes facilitation of labour migration, migration management and diaspora policies in the Caribbean and Haiti, and regional policy frameworks for skills mobility in South-east Africa. …

Dr. Abdelmoniem El Tayeb

Assistant Professor

د. عبد المنعم محمد سالم الطيب تخرج في كلية العلوم جامعة الخرطوم وعمل محاضرا بجامعة الدلنج ثم جامعة الطائف وقام بتدريس مختلف المقررات في قسم الأحياء، مثل: أحياء عامة، علم الحيوان العام، أساسيات علم البيئة، أساسيات علم الأحياء الجزيئي، لا فقاريات، حشرات عامة، أساسيات علم الفسيولوجيا، أساسيات علم الأجنة، مضادات مايكروبية، طفيليات، طفيليات طبية
كما عمل كباحث رئيس للمشروع البحثي بعنوان”  دراسة تفصيلية علي كيفية انتقال وانتشار المنشقة الدموية ودور الانسان والحلزونات في انتشاره في منطقة شمال كردفان- السودان
وعمل كمنسق علمي لمشروع تطوير وتحديث المقررات التدريسية لقسم الأحياء- كلية التربية- جامعة الدلنج- وزارة التعليم العالي السودانية
وعضو للجنة كلية العلوم بجامعة الدلنج  لتطوير المقررات بمرحلتي الاكلاريوس والدراسات العليا ورئيس قسم الأحياء- كلية التربية- جامعة الدلنج- السودان ومدير مركز الحاسوب- جامعة الدلنج- السودان وحصل على جائزة جامعة الطائف للنشر العلمي لعامين متتاليين

ماجستير العلوم- علم الحيوان –  جامعة الخرطوم- السودان

دكتوراة الفلسفة في العلوم- علم الطفيليات- كلية التونجي الطبية- جامعة الخواجونج للعلوم والتكنولوجيا- جمهورية الصين الشعبية