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Photo of Prof. Siddig A Omer

Prof. Siddig A Omer

Associate Professor

Dr. Omer is an associate professor at the Institute of Sustainable Energy Technology, Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Nottingham, in the United Kingdom.…

Photo of Nagi Idris

Nagi Idris


Nagi is a senior international lawyer and Fellow of the International Bar Association, with over 19 years of legal consultancy experience. He received his LLB (Hons) from the University of Khartoum, and attended the CPE Conversion Law Course at the City University London.…

Photo of Mohamed Gourashi Ahmed Alim

Mohamed Gourashi Ahmed Alim

Senior Professional INstitute of INformation Management – Africa

My information management career spans more than 15 years. I have designed, operated, maintained and developed business systems from the ground up for businesses in Oil and Gas, transportation, Nuclear Power sectors. …

Photo of Samantha Tipper

Samantha Tipper

PhD Student

Currently pursuing a PhD in human bioarchaeology, with a focus on spinal disease in ancient Nubia from the Meroitic to Christian periods. I have over 10 years of university level lecturing experience, including courses in Crime Scene Investigation, Criminalistics and Forensic Anthropology for the University of Maryland (UMUC).  …

Photo of Mohamed Alhaj

Mohamed Alhaj

PhD Researcher

I am a 2nd year PhD candidate at Hamad bin Khalifa university in Qatar. My PhD research is on solar thermal desalination. My research interest are: solar energy applications in power generation, business and finance  of solar technologies and techno economic assessment studies.…

Photo of Fatima Galal

Fatima Galal

Assistant Professor

Qualified candidate in business management with proficiencies in managing start-up business, spearheading operations based on service excellence model, best practices, having 9+ years of diversified experience in portfolio management, research activities, consultants based on market need; excellent ability in implementing strategic plans for enhancing the institute vision, mission and objectives and other institute trends.…

Photo of Dr El Tayeb Mustafa

Dr El Tayeb Mustafa


Dr. Mustafa is a Founding Member of the Arab Academy of Sciences, a Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy of Overseas Science (Belgium), the Secretary of the UNESCO-EOLSS Joint Committee in Charge of the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems and Editor-in-Chief of the UNESCO Science Report.…

Photo of Dr. AbdulMahmoud Ibrahim

Dr. AbdulMahmoud Ibrahim

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in English Language (Applied Linguistics), M.A. in English and Linguistics, B.A. in Arts & Education (English). Attended many short courses in Open Learning Tuition , Training Course in Learning Support for Distance Education,  Instructional Designing, Business Communication: Entrepreneurship, Business Communication, Open and Distance Learning Materials, Building Skills for Achievement Tests,  Language and background to language learning and teaching, (ESOL Examinations) University of Cambridge and  Methods Course: Survey Of Best Practices In TESOL: University of Maryland, and others.…

Photo of Siham El-Kafafi

Siham El-Kafafi

Director of Research

Dr Siham El-Kafafi comes with wide overseas industry experience and consultancy (i.e. medical, manufacturing and service industry) before becoming an academic for the past 18 years.  Her teaching experience plays a leadership role in the creation of high quality student experience in a wide range of business courses e.g.…

Photo of Prof. Kamil Idris

Prof. Kamil Idris


A Sudanese national, former diplomat; and international civil servant; He graduated with LLB honours from Faculty of Law (University of Khartoum); Received his PhD in international law from Geneva University (Switzerland); He has honorary doctorate law degrees from 19 universities from around the world; Served as Director General (1997-2008), WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation), and the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV); Member, the International Law Commission of the United Nations; He published many books on issues of intellectual property, international law and development.…

Photo of Nahlaa Khalifa

Nahlaa Khalifa

Assistant Professor

Assistant professor, Clinical nutrition department, faculty of applied medical sciences, king Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She holds a PhD in food science and nutrition, Khartoum University in cooperation with Hannover University.…

Photo of Abdelnasir Elsheikh

Abdelnasir Elsheikh

Family Doctor



Photo of Deyaeldin Abdullah

Deyaeldin Abdullah




From June 2013 to Dec 2013

At ALFA Project CO. LTD. (60 street, Khartoum, Sudan)

CIVIL ENGINEER (INTERNEE) – Transportation and Construction

In March 2013 (one month)

At Khartoum for Roads and Bridges Company (Sudan)

CIVIL SITE ENGINEER – Structures and Construction

From September 2015 to July 2016

At Technocon Engineering group (TEG), 60 street, P.O.…

Photo of Rudi Page

Rudi Page

Chief Executive

Award-winning Management Consultant specialising in policy implementation for International Trade Support, Healthcare Management Systems, Workforce Development (Equalities) and Corporate Social Impact strategies. Rudi developed and facilitates NHS awarding-winning Enhanced Leadership Insights (ELi) management model on behalf of NHS Trusts and related bodies in London and Regions across service areas including midwifery, paediatrics and mental health.…

Shawqi Abureesh

Claims Manager

More than 35 years experience in Insurance and Risk Management Field out of which 28 years in Oil & Gas Insurance Industry for Corporates with reputed Oil&Gas Companies like Abu Dhabi National Oil Co(ADNOC),Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Co(ADMA-OPCO) in AbuDhabi-UAE and Qatar Petroleum(QP) in Doha-Qatar.…

Photo of Mudar Abdullah Saeed

Mudar Abdullah Saeed

Chest Physician

richard testing

Photo of Ahmed Ginawi

Ahmed Ginawi


A  telecommunication and Internet professional.  Currently working in product development at Emirates Telecommunication corporation. Worked as Director for Internet Services Operation and Maintenance.
Was Part of the team who launched Canar Communications Co., as a new fixed/data telecom operator in Sudan
Was one of the Launch team of Mobily- The 2nd GSM Operator in KSA.…

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